Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Repair


                       Near-dustless hardwood floor refinishing!

                     Don’t kid yourself, nothing is totally dustless in this business!

unknown 230Babcock Floors Now Features Bona Atomic® Vacuum System Trailer

Babcock Floors recently became the only Santa Rosa-based hardwood flooring contractor to own a trailer-mounted exterior dust vacuum system that makes wood floor refinishing nearly dustless. Owner Daren Babcock purchased the system to better preserve the cleanliness of customer homes and businesses, and to reduce floating dust in the home environment that can also resettle on the new floor finish.

The trailer-mounted Bona Atomic DCS® System operates outside the customer’s home with a gas-powered engine and non-marking hoses up to 200’ connecting the sander, edger and buffer to the dust collector system in the trailer. It is powered by a 27 horsepower water-cooled Kawasaki engine.

While no system is completely dustless, the Bona Atomic is more powerful and directly removes the sawdust from the sander to outdoors, virtually eliminating the need for plastic barriers. Other high-powered vacuums are available to Babcock Floors customers whose sites will not accommodate the Bona Trailer.